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Empowering Children

& Women in Africa

Tackling the root of poverty at its core and planting seeds of change.

What make us unique

We know the community and deeply care about the welfare of the population that we serve.


I (Lilly Koutcho) was born and raised in Togo, a small country in West Africa. I grew up seeing the pain and suffering of villagers and know what it is like to be there. Many struggle to have their daily meals and sometimes simply have nothing to eat. They feel alone, abandoned, and hopeless. The pain and the suffering in their faces greatly marked me. I saw so many bright children dropping out at the elementary school level, not because they are not smart but simply because of lack of food and financial support.

Why us?

Because we have been there, we have walked in their shoes.

Because we know what it is like to be there.

Because we deeply care about the people we serve more than words can express.

Because we have our hearts and souls in it.

Because it is our life mission to bring light, love, and hope to Africa.

Because we believe that something needs to be done.

Because we believe we can make a positive impact.

Because we believe that there is hope.

Because they are our mothers, brothers, sisters, and children.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Educating children. Empowering women. Transforming communities. Building brighter futures in Africa.

Our programs

Portrait of happy little african girl do

We support children’s education by providing scholarships for school tuition, uniforms, books, and school backpacks to students accepted into our program.

We ensure that children accepted into our programs have food and are well taken care of through a stipend program directed to their families.

Portrait of happy little african girl do

We support students who have no access to electricity by providing them solar lamps.

These solar lamps enable them to study and do their homework at night, thus empowering them to continue their education.

Get involved

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

Mother Teresa

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