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In rural areas of Togo, West Africa, where we work, many families do not have money to pay for their children’s school tuition and their educational materials such as books and pens, etc. Sometimes many families cannot even send their children to school simply because of a lack of financial resources.

Our programs support these underprivileged families by providing them the necessary resources needed for their children’s education.

Children accepted into our program are provided with scholarships for their school tuition.

Children enrolled in our program receive educational materials such as school backpacks, books, etc.

The educational progress of the children is closely monitored to ensure the success of their curriculum.

The families receive a monthly stipend to ensure that their children have food and other basic needs.

Children in rural zones with no access to electricity are provided with solar lamps to facilitate their learning.

Portrait of happy little african girl do
Our Mission

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

Maya Angelou

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